Information about LiquidArtisans

About is a unique online showcase for makers of boutique wines, craft spirits and beers, plus other tastefully crafted delicacies, such as artisan chocolate, cheese, coffee, olive oil, and more... Think of us as an Artisan festival that is open 24/7!

LiquidArtisans was designed for independent producers who take pride in their craft and who value quality over quantity. It is a vibrant and warm spirited place, where they can sell their exceptional offerings and put themselves on the map, literally!

Whether you’re a businesses or consumer, you can use our website to source and uncover a plethora of unique tastes and flavours from all around the world which can be purchased at the click of a button. You will also be inspired to leave the comfort of your surroundings and visit some of the beautiful boutique wineries, craft distilleries and artisan production facilities that list with us. can even be used to plan day trips with a difference and book enchanting event spaces, workshops or tastings. 

Each of our Artisans has a special story to tell. Many of them run small to medium sized family businesses that are steeped in tradition and history, some dating back over a hundred years. Others are new to their field, having risked all by abandoning conventional professions to pursue their dreams. 

A common theme among all our Artisans, old and new, is the passion that runs through their veins as it trickles into the soil, the notes, the recipes, the aromas, the vats, the barrels and eventually into their beautifully designed bottles. At a time when automation and mass-production rule, our Artisans are following a more holistic and sustainable path, but more importantly - they are following their hearts.

We invite you to explore and discover the tastes, tales and trails of our LiquidArtisans!

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For business & special enquiries, you may reach us on the following numbers:

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